Apply Now for the 2016 Liberty Fund Colloquium “The Institutions of Liberty”featured

Beginning in 2011, European Students For Liberty partnered with the Liberty Fund Inc. and the Austrian Economics Center to host a new project for students with a passion for developing their intellectual understanding of liberty – The Students For Liberty & Liberty Fund Symposia: Exploring the Foundations of a Free Society. In the last few years, this has

22 Sep 2016

The “Free Market Road Show” for the First Time in Latin Americafeatured

Started in 2008, the Free Market Road Show brings together renowned economists, leading politicians and prominent business leaders every year to discuss current economic problems and possible solutions at a variety of venues across Europe, the Caucasus, Israel, and the United States. For the first time the Free Market Road Show landed in Latin America,

06 Sep 2016

China lacks the wherewithal to adjust to demographic decline

by Brendan O’Reilly China faces an intractable and protracted demographic crisis driven by millions of individual family planning choices made by its increasingly wealthy and urbanized population. Policies restricting births imposed by the authorities have played only a contributing role in the drama. Similar aging trends can be seen throughout East Asia, especially in Japan,

21 Sep 2016

UN panel says free markets don’t work. They’re totally wrong.

The report just released from the United Nations’ High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines is not only misguided, but also a missed opportunity. Rather than the panel focusing on the real barriers of ineffectual health systems and limited resources, the report tramples on intellectual property protections on medicines. As a leading proponent of free markets in Europe I

14 Sep 2016

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