Chinese firms’ spending spree favors Europe over U.S.

by Nicola Casarini Chinese companies made record bids for foreign acquisitions in the first quarter of 2016, focusing especially on agriculture, manufacturing and tourism. But while such investments have been met with open arms in Europe, regulatory resistance is stiff in the United States. With Chinese firms eager to gain Western technology, brands and customer bases,

27 Apr 2016

The Austrian Economics Center celebrates the #WorldIPDay. “®espect the Ma®k”

As the world celebrates World Intellectual Property Day April 26 every year, the Austrian Economics Center is proud to join free market organizations from across the world in reemphasizing the importance of all types of IP. The Austrian Economics Center calls on governments around the world to focus on strengthening protection of all types of

26 Apr 2016

The Symphony of Asset Management: Caravaggio Meets Atlas in the Chameleon Age

by John E. Charalambakis   The scientific art of asset and wealth management is like conducting an orchestra. Each musician is dedicated in playing her/his own unique instrument. The enjoyment of music is the product of coordinated instruments. Cacophony is the product of uncoordinated instruments where the rhythms get confused. We have entered a period

25 Apr 2016

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