Annual Gala: Peter Thiel awarded by the Austrian Economics Center

Annual Gala: Peter Thiel awarded by the Austrian Economics Centerfeatured

On 10 November 2015 the Austrian Economics Center in collaboration with its sister organization – the Friedrich August v. Hayek Institut – hosted its annual Gala. As for the previous year, the venue selected for this event was the magnificent Gartenpalais Liechtenstein. The Gala gathered more than two hundred people from different parts of the

11 Nov 2015

Russia v. Turkey: What Really Happened to the Russian Plane

By Roksana Khort This piece solely expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the organization as a whole.  On 24 November 2015 the world was shaken by the news that Turkish Air Forces shot down Russian aircraft Sukhoy SU-24 on the territory of Syria. Given that this action is controversial by itself, the

01 Dec 2015
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The Investment Paths of 2016, Part II: From Risks to Opportunities

By Dr. John E. Charalambakis Much ado about nothing may end up being not just a Shakespeare play but also the reality that will sink in after the Fed starts raising short term rates. All those talks, analyses, papers, assessments, and myriads of opinions about the terrible effects that the rate hike might have on the

01 Dec 2015

Europe: An analysis of the International Property Rights Index

by Sven Sydow* Property is one of the most important factors for freedom and economic prosperity in a country. Strong property rights are important for western civilizations. Since 2007 the IPRI has proven the most intensive and far reaching studies between property rights and economic prosperity, in 129 countries with 93.66 percent of the world

25 Nov 2015