Hayek Institut awards Peter Thielfeatured

Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institute is happy to announce that Peter Thiel is the next recipient of the 2015 Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious award is bestowed annually by Dr. Barbara Kolm, the Director of Hayek Institute. The prize was designed to acknowledge the most outstanding contributions to Liberty and had been conferred since

29 Sep 2015

Obama and Putin: similar speeches, but the policies are worlds apart

By Prince Michael of Liechtenstein At the United Nations General Assembly last week US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered two very similar addresses with two very different notions of what constitutes a desirable global order, writes Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. As might have been expected, the speeches proved uninspiring and contained little

09 Oct 2015

Market-based Urban Planning – History

By Jan Tichy In the last post, I was trying to introduce the area of urban planning and problems it brings. These problems are quite self-evident nowadays, and in the recent history we have a good knowledge of. This applies mainly to the second half of the 20th century. You might ask, what was the

08 Oct 2015

After Fed delay, investors consider Chinese elephant in the room

by Enrico Colombatto Financial markets did not react well to the Federal Reserve’s decision in September to keep interest rates stable. Presumably, investors were worried that China’s slowdown is more serious than anticipated, and that the Fed has well-founded concerns about the outlook for the American and European economies. While the Chinese economy’s gradual deceleration is

07 Oct 2015

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