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Gala November 10, 2015 Gartenpalais Liechtenstein Vienna

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Hayek Institut awards Peter Thiel

The Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed annually to outstanding entrepreneurs and academics for their contributions to Liberty and promotion of free and prosperous markets. Peter Thiel, a famous PayPal founder and first Facebook investor, is the 2015 Award´s recipient. Previous recipients were Mario Vargas Llosa, Niall Ferguson, Leonard Liggio, Dambisa Moyo, and Deirdre McCloskey.

Besides his entrepreneurial achievements, Peter Thiel has been an angel investor in many startups and, in search of new talents, created Y Combinator, a business incubator that unlocks the full power of newly established companies. Under direct supervision of Y Combinator, such companies as Dropbox, Reddit, Weebly, Airbnb and many others received business advice and mentorship which swiftly brought them to international recognition and prosperity. Thiel’s Founders Fund, a venture capital company specializing on breakthrough innovation and technologies, served as an investor at Spotify, ZocDoc, SpaceX, Quantcast and many others. In 2013 TechCrunch nominated Peter Thiel as the venture capitalist of the year.

Thiel is well known not only for his tech-projects, but also for his libertarian approach and strong support for free market economics. One of his sayings deserves further reiteration and acknowledgement: “If Millennials reject the Boomers’ naïve faith in debt-fueled government – because so much debt is being piled onto them, and they know it doesn’t make sense – then the country will move toward the kind of fiscally conservative view that was characteristically American for most of US history.”

Peter Thiel is an author of a number of books and is also involved in philanthropic activities. “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future” written by Thiel, became No.1 New York Times bestseller.

Mr. Peter Thiel will receive the 2015 Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award on November 10th in the Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna during the Annual Charity Gala in favor of the economic education program “Next Generation´s Mobility”.

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