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The Impossibility of Central Urban Planning. 

Lesson by Franco Martín López

The Impossibility of Central Urban Planning Lecture by Franco Martín López

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The Austrian Economics Center is pleased to welcome Franco M. López, one of the authors selected for our Students Book Project: “Let’s get our freedom back.”


Bio: Franco Martín López is a Master in Architecture and Urban Planning student from Rosario, Argentina; currently writing his dissertation as a grade thesis in urban planning from an spontaneous order approach. Also, he is the Director of the Research Department at Fundación Bases in Argentina and a writer and collaborator for the Schumpeter Center website. Some years ago Franco founded a NGO for teaching children in a slum and for this reason he was awarded with the Entrepreneurs Prize from the Senate Chamber of Argentina in 2012, The TOYP award for outstanding young people from JCI Argentina and was selected to participate in the British Council congress for students in 2010 in London. In 2014 he published articles in the Students Book edited by the Austrian Center in Vienna and the international magazine Studio, form Italy. In 2015 Franco delivered two lectures on the impossibility of centralized urban planning, one in the Grove City College in Pennsylvania, USA, and another in the Institute for Humane Studies scholar’s conference in Chapman University, Orange, California, US.

The Austrian Economics Center organizes this event in cooperation with European Students for Liberty Austria.

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