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The Free Market Road Show

The Free Market Road Show (FMRS), spearheaded by the Austrian Economics Center, aims to be the leading platform for free market policy solutions across Europe.

The Free Market Road Show’s mission is to bring together renowned economists, leading politicians and prominent business leaders each year to discuss current economic problems, and set out solutions, through conferences across Europe and the Caucasus.

These unique conferences across Europe provide unparalleled networking opportunities for attendees and those within the free market movement, both from Europe and abroad, to meet and discuss ideas with top opinion formers and decision makers.

In 2015, the Road Show will focus on reaching those entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are disenchanted with the status quo and desperate for change. These entrepreneurs are the key to lasting prosperity in Europe, and the Road Show will deliver practical and achievable European reforms that will free them to innovate and create the growth that Europe so desperately needs.

In addition, the 2015 Road Show will make the conference relevant and impactful beyond those who are able to attend. Our ambitious social and online media plans will take the practical solutions to Europe’s problems devised in the 2015 Road Show’s discussions to a new, global audience.

The Free Market Road Show is a project organised and sponsored by the Austrian Economics Center, a think tank based in Vienna, Austria, and founded to make the case for a free, responsible and prosperous society. The Center has been hosting the Free Market Road Show since 2008. In those early days it reached an audience of just hundreds, with barely 50 speakers. Now, six years later and following significant investment, the Road Show travels to 30 European cities with over 300 speakers addressing an audience of 4,500 people.

For more information, go to the Free Market Road Show Web Site.