An Initial Market Outlook for 2017: Part I

by John Charalambakis The only certain thing about a prognostication is that it will be wrong. Keeping that humble thought in mind, we offer our readers our initial thoughts on the markets’ trajectory for 2017, which of course need to be adjusted as the quarters of the year unfold and market action interacts with policies

12 Jan 2017

Global Outlook 2017: Merkel and the myth of German hegemony

by Michael Wohlgemuth More than any other major country in Europe, Germany has reason to be optimistic about 2017. Economically, gross domestic product is expected to grow by another 1.3 percent (somewhat less than in 2016, mainly due to calendar effects), employment should reach record highs (with more and more refugees filling gaps) while the

10 Jan 2017

New hotspot: the Arctic

by Stefan Hedlund During his election campaign, Donald Trump made it clear he was in favor of improving relations with Russia. He suggested that the United States should treat Russia as an ally with Syria, which would mean abandoning the long-held goal of deposing President Bashar al-Assad and recognizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which would

19 Dec 2016
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