Bohumír Žídek

Regular Blog Team Member

Bohumir is the AEC's regular blog team member. He has published several articles, analyses and essays in Czech online outlets including Revue Politika, Finmag and Echo24. As a baby he was a part of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. He was influenced mainly by reading Ray Bradbury since 8, reading Friedrich August von Hayek and watching the britcom Red Dwarf since 12, and reading Viktor Frankl at 24. His wide range of interests includes foreign policy, political philosophy of classical liberalism, the US presidential primaries and general elections, free market feminism, shia-sunni relations, islamophobia or history of Sudeten Germans. In 2015 he attended Think Tank Start Up Training in Vilnius co-hosted by Lithuanian Free Market Institute and Atlas Leadership Academy and obtained bachellor’s degree at Charles University As a typical Czech he loves beer.

You can follow him on twitter as @GodfreyCZ.

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