AEC Ranked #1 Austrian Think Tank

AEC Ranked #1 Austrian Think Tank • Austrian Economics Center

Early this February the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania published their annual Global Go To Think Tank Index Report. 7,815 think tanks were compared and ranked in different categories. With 68 organizations our home country Austria has a relatively high number of think tanks.

We are most proud to announce, however, that the Austrian Economics Center has been ranked as the “Top (Non-US) Think Tank” from Austria, and again as one of the biggest organizations in Europe, coming in at number 118. In that category, the AEC is the only Austrian institute to be included, and with the 118th spot we have jumped four places compared to last year.

We are also ranked in the categories “Best Advocacy Campain” (74), “Best Institutional Collaboration” (68), and “Best New Idea” (61). But perhaps the result we are happiest about is the 21st place in the world in the category “Best Independent Think Tank,” a crucial requirement for a think tank doing objective and reliable work.

We will try to improve our ranking once again in 2018, but the 2017 report shows that free-market and classical liberal ideas are continually on the rise. The success we at the AEC can report would not be possible without your help. Thanks for your support!

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