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5th Austrian School of Economics Meeting Hungary

July 7

Call for papers

The 5th International Conference “Austrian School of Economics Meeting Hungary” is organized by the Carl Menger Institute (Budapest) in cooperation with Civic Enterprises (Budapest), The Austrian Economics Center (Vienna) and the Instituto Juan de Mariana (Madrid).

Previous conference speakers include Walter Block (Mises Institute, USA), Lajos Bokros (Former Minister of Finance), Gábor Bojár (Graphisoft), Stefan Molyneux, Júlia Király (MNB), (CMI), András Tóth (Founder of Carl Menger Institute) and more.

This year’s topic

The geo-economic implications of Russian aggression from an Austrian viewpoint, with special emphasis on Europe and the looming debt crisis

The Covid-19 crisis, Russian aggression, and the subsequent protracted war combined with economic blockade measures against Russia threaten to unhinge the post-war world order, the USD-based monetary system, and the present economic development model based on globalization and increasingly free trade but at the cost of increasing indebtedness.

The series of crises and the rise of inflation in the highly indebted economies of the world, especially European ones, once more underscore the importance of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory, as well as the problem of state interventionism in economic issues and the sustainability of the welfare state.


Please send your proposals and abstract of 200-400 words to info@civilvallalkozasok.hu

Proposals for sessions and papers are welcome until August 31, 2022.

Papers will be published in print and digital format with ISBN number.

The Conference:

Date: September 29 and October 2, 2022
Venue: Bercel Castle, Hungary (a charming country estate near Budapest)

Special events:

  • Wine and Business – Zsolt Tiffan presents the Tiffan Winery
  • Special session – Rahim Taghizadegan (Scholarium): On the work of Antal Fekete and his contribution to Austrian economic thinking
  • Concert – Philippe de Chalendar, conductor of Miskolc Opera; and László Stachó, professor of Franz Liszt Academy of Music

Presentations will be recorded, and the videos will be posted on YouTube and in podcast format.


  • Participation fee presenters: €400
  • Participant fee regular attendee: €300
  • Participant fee student (after consultation): €200


Civic Enterprises

Account name: Civil Vállalkozások Egyesület

Address: 1119 Budapest, Tétényi út 37

Account number: HU56-10102103-38745600-01003001 at MKB Bank

Announcement: “AEMeeting 2022”

or request PayPal payment option

The fee includes the participation in all sessions; transfer between BUD Airport or Budapest and Bercel Castle; accommodation for 3 nights; and breakfast and dinner.

RSVP form

Papers and proposals: info@civilvallalkozasok.hu

Conference registration: here

Should you have any questions, please contact: Marton Aichelburg aichelburg@civilvallalkozasok.hu on email or call +36 30 855-6691

Organizational Partners

5th Austrian School of Economics Meeting Hungary
5th Austrian School of Economics Meeting Hungary
5th Austrian School of Economics Meeting Hungary
5th Austrian School of Economics Meeting Hungary
5th Austrian School of Economics Meeting Hungary