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Renewable Energy Tools and Policy

May 25 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CEST

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Austrian Economics Monthly

Renewable Energy Tools and Policy

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A discussion exploring renewable energies – do they make sense economically and environmentally? Should the winners be pushed by government policies or allowed to be chosen with an approach taken by the principles of the Austrian School of Economics? Are current geo-political events being used to push a government-based green agenda on renewable energies? Disussion on applying the approach called Market Environmentalism, developed by the Austrian Econoimcs Center and American Conservation Coaltion.


  • Bill Blain is a published author on financial markets, contributor and editor of the Morning Porridge. He is a well-known market commentor, and a practicing investment banker in the alternative private debt and equity sector. His day job combines his role as Strategist for Shard Capital, the leading investment management firm, and heading the firm’s Alternatives Group – financing Private debt and equity deals, and direct lending transactions. His clients include sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, insurance and pension managers, credit funds and family offices.
  • Richard Bonugli is CEO and Founder of the Cedar Portfolio, an Index of great businesses from around the world aligned with the principles of the Austrian School of Economics and with Market Environmentalism. He hosts a podcast on economics and the financial markets, with some of the best economists and fund managers. As one of the first users of the Internet in the world at MIT, he has setup Internet businesses internationally and is currently leading an initiative to launch a blockchain-based digital security token offering.


  • Pietro Paganini is the President and Curiosity Officer at Competere, and Prof. at Fox School of Business, Temple University of Philadelphia.

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