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What can Monetary Policy do for Economic Recovery?

September 24th, 2020 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CEST

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  • John E. Charalambakis is the Chief Economist for the Blacksummit Financial Group Inc., in the United States and teaches economics at the Patterson School of Diplomacy & International Commerce at the University of Kentucky.
  • Enrico Colombatto is a professor of economics at the University of Turin, where he teaches Foundations of Policymaking, International Economics, and Growth and Development, the director of the International Centre for Economic Research, and the Director of research at IREF (Institut de Recherches Économiques et Fiscales).
  • Michael Jäger is the Secretary General of the European Taxpayers’ movement Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE), Chief Executive Manager of the European Economic Senate, the network of leading corporates in Europe, and Vice-President of the Bavarian Taxpayers’ Association.
  • Richard W. Rahn is an economist, syndicated columnist, and entrepreneur. Currently he is Chairman of Improbable Success Productions, the Institute for Global Economic Growth, and Metal Convertibility LLC.


  • Pietro Paganini, President and Curiosity Officer at Competere, Professor at Fox School of Business, Temple University of Philadelphia
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