Join the Austrian Economics Center (AEC) in Vienna, Austria — the city where it all began!

We cordially invite you to support our efforts and work with us as an intern. Our goal is to bring the Austrian School back to Austria and to spread the message of liberty around Europe and the world — and we need your help!

The AEC is always looking for interns with a passion for liberty to assist in research, project coordination, and day-to-day activities:

What you will do

  • assist in research
  • project coordination and planning, from the Free Market Road Show to the European Resource Bank to our events organized in Vienna
  • assist in work on websites, blogs, and social media pages
  • write articles for blogs (optional)
  • … whatever your skills are or in what you are interested in

What we need

  • a high English proficiency, both in writing as well as speaking (applicants who speak German will have an advantage, but it’s not needed)
  • interest in classical liberal thought and Austrian Economics
  • enrolled at a university (both undergraduate, graduate level) or a recent graduate (exceptions can be made)
  • a visa or other residence permit for Austria (we will assist if needed)

What you will get

  • work experience in the heart of Vienna
  • free accommodation in the heart of Vienna (as long as you are not from Vienna yourself)
  • an additional monthly allowance of 400 euros to help cover living costs
  • the opportunity to learn more about Austrian Economics at its origin, and get insights in the workings of one of the most active think tanks in Europe


There are three time frames for which you can apply (exceptions may be made, start and end times of the internship can be adjusted to your needs):

  • Spring: January to April (Application deadline: September 30, you will be notified by October 15)
  • Summer: May to July (Application deadline: January 26,  you will be notified by February 15)
  • Fall: September to December (Application deadline: May 15, you will be notified by June 15)

The applications will be checked all at once after each deadline.

The next time frame you can apply for is fall 2020. The deadline is May 15, 2020.


Please complete the form below in order to apply.

Liberty will be won through the battle of ideas. Help us work for a freer future!

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