It seems to be a routine of Austrian governments to have a tax reform, all of them promised to be better than the last one. And it seems to be a routine as well to fail with a tax reform.

Why do competent representatives and their advisors fail in bringing facts, figures, the needs of citicens and the responsibilities of the state together?

It can´t be that difficult? Can´t it?

The interactive budget calculator provides insights to these complex matters and displays the development of Austrian budgets since 1995 and points out key data.

A personal pay roll including an individual tax bill shows the contributions a single citizen makes to each budgetary item.

A service tool allows to create your own budget. Changes can be applied to any budgetary item and effects will be visible immediately.

The calculator was developed by the Austrian Economics Center to provide taxpayers with transparency regarding their tax burden and their benefit, to gain responsibility and to have a say in public policy specifically in tax policy.