A libertarian approach to current issues by students

We, the Austrian Economics Center, would like to invite you to join our Student Book Project “Let’s get our freedom back”. We will be regularly posting papers on our website, written by European students. All of them will be published in a book. For the time being, the essays are published here as they have been submitted. Moreover, we will be happy to invite the authors of the selected entries to Vienna to present their papers. Last but not least, the top 3 authors will become part of a panel at our “Free Market Road Show”.

Formal conditions for submission:

  • Articles should be sent via e-mail
  • Deadline for each topic is the 1st of every month
  • Length: 8 to 15 pages
  • Font: Calibri Size: 12 Line Space: 1 ½
  • Centered title, followed by authors’/s’ name/s, institution/s/s/he/they belong to and topic the paper corresponds to.
  • Quotes: (author, year of first publication: page number) Eg.: (Mises, 1949: 55)
  • Bibliography at the end; eg.: Mises, L. von (1949) Human action, Foundation for Economic Education, Irvington-on-Hudson, 1996
  • Comments in footnotes
  • Working language: English
  • Author’-s’ age group: 18 – 29 year-old
  • Acceptance of papers will depend on their evaluation and relevance. The organizer’s decision shall be final and not open to appeal.

The Head of the Academic Advisory Board of the Hayek Institut and the Senior Fellows of the Austrian Economics Center will select the three authors that will participate in Panels at the Free Market Road Show. Their decision shall be final and not open to appeal.

For further information, please contact: Federico Fernandez.