"The Promise of Bitcoin: Alternative Currencies and Anonymous Markets"

Robocoin - World's First Bitcoin ATM

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 The Austrian Libertarian Movement hereby cordially invites you to our next event

“The Promise of Bitcoin: Alternative Currencies and Anonymous Markets”

Speaker: Yaël Ossowski

Location: Hayek Saal, Grünangergasse 1, 1010 Wien

Date: Monday, December 9th 2013; Time: 19 hs

The world of digital crypto-currencies is sure to upset the status quo. Rather than a centralized money system governed by relatively few players, currencies such as Bitcoin give consumers freedom and license to better control how they conduct transactions on the Internet.

It is Yael Ossowski’s core belief that the promise of Bitcoin, that being a cryptographic money based on computing algorithms, gives everyone, young people especially, a way to opt out of the current system of monopolized money by the state. Moreover, the separation of money and state allows for completely free and anonymous trade, increasing the value of potential market exchanges and removing the burden of unnecessary regulations otherwise imposed by national governments. Continue reading…

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