War in Ukraine – Week 23

War in Ukraine – Week 23

Day 162

August 4

In my opinion, when someone accuses UA military of endangering civilians by positioning themselves in populated areas, this someone should be providing evidence that:

1. They are doing it on purpose to use civilians as a human shield;
2. There are better defensive positions they should have opted for;
3. Said civilians would be safer under ru occupation, since this is what happens when our guys withdraw.
Otherwise, this someone should feel free to follow the infamous direction. With a couple of other deeply concerned international organizations.

Also, I’m adding a quick reminder of what happens under ru occupation.

War in Ukraine – Week 23

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook


Day 160

August 2

Stolen childhood. This kid and his Mom left their home in occupied Berdyansk. Here he is taking a nap in a shopping cart at a logistics hub for refugees in Zaporizhzhia.

War in Ukraine – Week 23

Source: Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook



  • War in Ukraine – Week 23

    Nataliya Melnik is a longstanding partner of the Free Market Road Show. She lives in Kyiv and is sharing her Facebook diary. We wish her all the best! If you want to support the Ukrainian people, have a look at http://helpukraine.center/en

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