War in Ukraine – Week 9

War in Ukraine - Week 9

Day 65

April 29
Vanda was 10 years old when Mariupol was occupied in 1941. She hid in a basement until Nazis captured and killed her mother for being Jewish. She survived then only to die aged 91 from hunger and cold in her native Mariupol while hiding in a basement once again. This time from Russians.


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Day 64

April 28
The kingdom of crooked mirrors
It was not an invasion, but prevention of an attack by Ukraine
It is not war, but a military operation
It is not censorship, only filtration of unwanted information
These are not war crimes, they are denazification and demilitarization
These are not forced deportations, but the evacuation of civilians
It is not looting, it is bringing trophies home
It is not stealing from farmers but replenishing the fund for agricultural produce
Stealing socks, underwear, dog houses, toilets, laptops, and toasters weren’t enough, now they are going to be stealing crops from occupied regions in Ukraine, or “expropriating harvest surplus” as they themselves put it.
This is what Russia stands for right now. This is why it needs to be stopped once and for all.


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Day 63

April 27
It took them 4 days to escape shelling in the East. Before they managed to get out the mother was injured in an explosion, and she didn’t make it to the basement on time. As a result, she laid bleeding for a couple of hours, people were too afraid to leave their shelter to help. Eventually, her 15-year-old son got to her and carried her back in. He also carried her when they walked 3 kilometers to reach the evacuation bus. They spent who knows how many hours in a cold basement, without food or medicine, but they made it out alive. However, why did they have to go through all that?
Photo by Dasha Tenditna
War in Ukraine - Week 9


Nataliya Melnyk on Facebook



  • War in Ukraine - Week 9

    Nataliya Melnik is a longstanding partner of the Free Market Road Show. She lives in Kyiv and is sharing her Facebook diary. We wish her all the best! If you want to support the Ukrainian people, have a look at http://helpukraine.center/en

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