Why is it that I take part in this year’s FMRS?

Free Market Road Show 2013 Tbilisi - Georgia

“I’ve been researching European integration and monetary unification issues for more than a decade now, I’m both personally and professionally interested in the ongoing currency, banking and unemployment crisis in the E(M)U. Therefore, I would like to not only contribute the intellectual debate and hopefully disprove those who claim that economy is too important to be left to economists, but also to distill the episodes in which libertarian ideas were distorted into ill-championed dogmas from those in which liberalisation, competition and free-market allocation have been all too easily dismissed once again on shallow, ideological grounds.” (Marko Malovic)

Marko Malovic will speak at the Free Market Road Show 2013: Pristhina (19th May), Skopje (20th May),  Belgrade (28th May), Zagreb (29th May), Ljubljana (30th May).

Why is it that I take part in this year’s FMRS?

Marko Malovic received both his MPhil and PhD degree in International Economics at the University of Belgrade. In 15 years of his academic carrier, he has lectured and/or done research in full-time, adjunct or visiting capacity at twelve state-owned as well as private universities in Serbia, the EU and the US. He is presently an Associate Professor at the Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade and three universities from the W. Balkans region.



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